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The Exchange Int. - May and June

9ft tall Paavo Tynell Chandelier

9ft tall Paavo Tynell Chandelier

Here are some Behind the Scenes photos for the chandelier, which was a little bit of a challenge to hang and light in the space we wanted to use. I had my assistant, Patrick, set up a strobe outside the window and raise it two stories high to simulate some sunlight coming in through the window. Hanging seamless in this space was tricky too, but we made it work. And yes, we had time for a small portrait session with Patrick. 


Not long ago I shot a project for a company called Toymail. Their product features toys that can send and receive audio messages to each other. Parents are able to use a Toymail app on their phone to send a message straight to their child's Toymail character, keeping kids away from screens but still able to communicate using current technology. Here are some final shots we went with and some behind the scenes photos. See the full gallery.